Congrats to our Local Hero!

This past August, we celebrated National Golf Month by holding a “Local Hero” contest, where our golfers nominated friends, family, & colleagues who have shown courage, kindness, & character in these uncertain times. Thank you to everyone who participated; each & every nomination we received highlighted a fantastic person. We selected a winner who we thought best exemplified these heroic characteristics & who should be rewarded with a foursome of golf.

As such, we’d like to give a big congratulations to Amy Hopfensperger, our Local Hero! 🎉

Amy Hopfensperger is a dedicated Hospitalist at Appleton Medical Center.  She has been working in the COVID unit from Day 1 of the National Emergency and Worldwide Pandemic.  She loves working in the hospital and caring for her patients – it is truly a gift!  She sacrifices her safety and health on a daily basis to serve members of the community.  She also trains other doctors and nurses from the surrounding clinics so that they know how to care for COVID patients as well.

There are more great things to say about Amy, but we’d most of all like to say “Congratulations & thank you”!

-Your friends at Winagamie Golf Course