Sunday November 12th will be final day for golfing!

                          Winagamie Golf Course has set a closing date for the 2017 season.

Our final day of golfing will be Sunday November 12th.  Hopefully we will still have a few nice days before we shut it down for the season.  Once we close, our maintenance staff will be applying the winter chemicals to protect the turf during the cold winter months.  This application assists in protecting the grass from “snow mold” and lets us start the 2018 season in nice shape.  Thanks for the great 2017 season and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.  Watch the weather forecast and maybe you’ll be able to sneak in another round or two yet this year!

Reminder:  Daylight Savings ends this weekend, don’t forget to turn back the clocks Saturday night and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!